Kensington 24" Privacy Screen (16:09)

121.05 CHF exkl. MWSt.
Kensington K52795WW. Suitable for: Monitor, Type: Frameless display privacy filter. Display filter features: Anti-microbial, Anti-reflective, Surface finish: Glossy / Matt. Maximum screen size compatibility: 61 cm (24"), Display diagonal (metric): 61 cm. Quantity per pallet: 1 pc(s)

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121.05 CHF exkl. MWSt.

Mehr Informationen über das Produkt:

Trust Kensington, the choice of IT professionals, to help protect the sensitive information on your laptop and reduce the chances of wandering eyes viewing confidential data on your screen. FP Series Laptop Privacy Screens limit the field of vision to +/- 30 degrees so a person off to the side only sees a dark screen. They are easy to install, either with included frameless tab holders or double-sided tape. The reversible privacy screens also use an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare, and they filter out harmful blue light by up to 30 percent.

Limited Viewing Angle
Narrows the field of vision on the screen to +/- 30 degrees, helping you keep the information on your screen private and reducing the chances of a visual data breach, which is important both in the office or in a public setting

Blue Light Reduction
Filters out the harmful rays by up to 30%, easing eye strain and reducing the chances of blue light interrupting your natural sleep patterns

Installation Options
The privacy screen can be mounted either with the included frameless tab holders that attach to the edges of your monitor, letting you quickly and easily insert or remove the privacy screen, or you can mount it with double-sided tape that adheres directly to the screen for a cleaner look

Anti-Reflective Coating
Reduces glare from any outside light sources that can interfere with your viewing clarity

Reversible Viewing
An environmentally safe additive that improves the durability of the privacy screen by decreasing degradation from environmental contaminants that could cause the film to yellow or discolor

*Die obigen Produktdaten werden von Icecat bereitgestellt. EET haftet nicht für Fehler die in diesem Zusammenhang gemacht werden.
Geeignet fürMonitor
TypFrameless display privacy filter
Display-FilterfunktionenAnti-microbial, Anti-reflective
Einfach zu säubern
OberflächenlackierungGlossy / Matt
Einfache Anwendung
Leichte Entfernbarkeit
Maximaler Bildschirmdurchmesser61 cm (24")
Bildschirmdiagonale (cm)61 cm
Menge je Palette1 pc(s)
weitere Information
Garantie2 Jahre
*Die obigen Produktdaten werden von Icecat bereitgestellt. EET haftet nicht für Fehler die in diesem Zusammenhang gemacht werden.




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